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The Law Of Attraction – Is This The Whole Story?

You may well have heard of the Law of Attraction, a concept that infers that like attracts like. But what does this mean? For me, it means that if you wholeheartedly want something (and you do something about manifesting it) chances are that you’ll get it.

But does the concept really work?

As a Life Coach I am hot on forward thinking and working towards what I call ‘ideals’. An ideal is simply something positive that you want to see happen – it’s a vision, a mission, a purpose, a goal.

A number of years ago I compiled one sheet of paper that contained my overall life purpose, my vision, my goals and a list of projects stemming from those goals. Everything I wrote down came from deep within me, and had been an integral part of me for years.

I have been looking at that sheet of paper almost daily since compiling it without thinking too much about how the things on the sheet were going to manifest.

The reason why I refer to the sheet so often is simply because it makes me feel good. It directs me and stirs me in a positive way. In short, it represents everything I want to manifest in my life.

More recently I attended a meeting with some colleagues and we talked about developing an enterprise. As the discussions went on I realized that much of what we were talking about resembled what was on my sheet.

On returning home I looked at the sheet and laughed. Practically everything I’d written down was covered in the meeting. This happened not because I was pushing my own agenda. It happened naturally because we were all of the same mindset with similar aspirations and wanting to achieve similar life and business goals… like attracting like.

I’ve now realized that everything I’ve aspired to may come to fruition by default if our enterprise is successful.

So does this concept of attraction really work? Yes I think so!

Now you could say that nothing I’ve put out there has yet come to fruition. This is true. However, the meeting showed me that things are already beginning to shift.

If I hadn’t produced this sheet I doubt whether the conversation in that meeting would have gone the same way. I may well have been more easily led by the others around the table, because I would have had no real perspective of my own.

By clearly articulating my purpose, vision, goals and projects, and referring to them on a daily basis, my subconscious mind is already recognizing opportunities that will help to make these a reality. That meeting (and the subsequent enterprise idea) is one of those opportunities.

I do believe, however, that there are certain caveats to the concept:

Windows of Opportunity

Once you’ve clearly and specifically established where you want to go, windows of opportunity begin to open for you. It is for you to grab those opportunities and immediately take the action necessary to achieve your goals. Otherwise, those windows eventually close and the opportunity is lost.

Letting Go

I also believe an important element is that you let go of the outcome. Be OK with achieving your goals and aspirations, and with not achieving them. This is because, in my view, becoming desperate about your achievements pushes them away. Becoming more relaxed about them increases the chances of you achieving them. For me it’s also about recognizing that your aspirations may not always manifest in the way you envision them – and being OK with this.

Giving It Time

I also think it’s important to give yourself the time you need to manifest your ideal. Specific timeframes focus and galvanise you into action. However if those timeframes are unrealistic they could have the opposite effect. You may feel that if you’ve not reached your goal within the timeframe you’ve set yourself that you’ve somehow failed.

Allowing yourself the time to mature with your vision and grow to become the kind of person who can make it happen may well increase the chances of you succeeding.

So yes I believe the law of attraction works if:

· You’re clear and specific about precisely what you want

· You focus daily on what you want

· You take full advantage of the opportunities that show up and do the work that’s necessary

· You let go of the desperation and…

· You give it time

Carmen Gilfillan is the founder of Stimulus Development & Training. Stimulus is dedicated to helping people raise their game, fulfil their potential and and live their best lives. We do this through Life & Wellness Coaching, Energy Therapy consultations and training in the areas of personal, professional and spiritual growth. Check out our website at http://www.stimulus.uk.com to book a coaching or Energy Therapy

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