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The New Communications

The global stride in telecommunications and information technology may be very alarming to even the most cynical skeptic. Within a space of about a hundred years there has been such a leap that a person who died twenty years ago and wakes up now will be more confused than the fabled Rips Van Winkle, who slept for hundred years, woke up and could not fit into the society.

But hand in hand with this giant stride is the debasement of old values we held dear. Automation of relationships has become the order of the day. Two people sitting close to each other may well prefer to chat on Whatsap than practice the art of physical discussion. The interactive flow of natural energy is hereby truncated. It has brought progress, but it has also brought crisis within families. Cold intellectual calculations have taken over the earth. Even those who are privileged to communicate by other natural ways are finding it difficult in the mechanized world.

But there is a different kind of communication, though not widespread, which is also developing. There is also a subtle increase in clairvoyance, clairvoyance and clairsentience, and even a rare gift called thought cognition. And this will definitely increase in the not so distant future, for it is going to be the mode of communication of future elites. Already many people are beginning to experience changes in their psychic outlook,in dreams and waking hours. However, these are people who have mostly occupied themselves with such issues, some belonging to so-called mystic groups who revel in artificial stimulation of such esoteric senses. Unfortunately, some may experience weird reactions particularly in their dreams, where their helpers-only a very few may be privileged to have guides-Try so much to call them to order. But the purity of the volition of most of them will be their saving grace, but they may end up passing through so much in purification until they find the right path.

And the right path is the path of true knowledge of the laws of creation, which can be summarized as the Law of Love manifesting in three effects: The law of attraction, the law of sowing and reaping and the Law of gravity. Everything is held under this law of love, for love is the greatest power in existence in this creation. The saying is true: Amor Vincent Omnia. Love conquers all. Details and more will be found in the work, In The Light Of Truth The Grail Message by ABD-ru-shin, in three volumes.

We are very close to that time.

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